Winter’s Still Lurking! Add Efficiency to Your Propane System – & Maybe a Fireplace Too!

woman smiling during winter.

We’ve dodged a bit of a bullet so far this winter with barely a trace of snow, but could the worst still be ahead? If you’re as skeptical as us, we’d rather be prepared to be hit hard rather then burying our heads in the sand (or snow)!

Either way, the temps are still pretty cold, and you’ll need plenty of propane to keep warm and toasty through March and April.  

If you’ve noticed that your system hasn’t been the most efficient this season, it may be time to upgrade or follow these simple tips to get the most for your heating money.  Give us a call for a free estimate and evaluation of your current system.

Double Check Your Boiler & Furnace

A properly functioning heating system is the key to keeping your home warm and running as it should. Properly serviced boilers and furnaces burn less fuel and can reduce heating costs by 10%, according to the United States Department of Energy.

Plus, if your system is 15 years or older, chances are it could be time for an upgrade. You can tune that old guy up all you want, but you may not get peak efficiency like you would with today’s technology. 

Clear the Way for Warmth

Get the most bang for your buck by keeping the heat indoors and only running your system when you need to. Plug air escape routes by caulking drafty windows and doors and adding insulation to areas that may be light on coverage, including doors. 

Heating systems powered by propane distribute heat in three ways – warm air through vents, hot water through baseboards, and steam through radiators. If you can free up those pathways, it can only help.

Bundle Up, Buddy

It seems logical, but if you or the kids are walking around in t-shirts, shorts, and no socks, of course, you’ll be cold!  Encourage a hoodie and huddling under a blanket to trap body heat.  Maybe it’s time for a family economics lesson on how to save money by putting more clothes on!  

Consider a Propane Fireplace

Fireplaces come in a wide variety of decors, styles, and have the latest technology. Some models are even controllable from your mobile device. There’s a perfect fit out there waiting for you, and Liberty can install one quickly!

Benefits of a propane fireplace:

  • Easy to Maintain and Use – Besides being efficient and cheaper, propane fireplaces are easy to maintain. A roaring propane fire requires no tending to, is controlled, and cleanup is minimal. Parts are easy to clean and find, and maintenance instructions are simple to follow. Our crew can walk you through safe operation in just a few moments.
  • The Latest Tech – Features include push-to-start, remote control options, advanced temperate control, and Bluetooth capability.
  • Choice of Décor – Matching styles from traditional to modern are no problem as there are fireplaces available to suit every desire. The fireplace can be a centerpiece of the home, so it’s important to complement and blend into the surroundings.  
  • Efficiency – Fireplaces are more efficient for heating.  Those powered by propane offer fireplace efficiency (FE) ratings exceeding 90%, while traditional wood-burning fireplaces are about 15% efficient. The lack of efficiency in wood-burning fireplaces is largely because of the loss of thermal energy and warm air through the chimney and out of the home.  Perhaps the least efficient, most energy-wasteful way to heat a room is with an open fireplace because so much warmth goes up the chimney.
  • Safety – Propane fireplaces include modern technology and safety features you’ve come to expect from other household appliances. Direct vent fireplaces eliminate the need for a flue through the roof, so backdrafts aren’t an issue. The vent pipe can be installed through the wall with a fire-caulked flange.

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