Liberty Gas Response to the Coronavirus

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Since late February and early March, the coronavirus has impacted the lives of Americans across the country and abroad. At Liberty Gas, safety has always been our number one priority, so we understand the concerns you may have about the coronavirus. That is why we are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and employees through proactive and preventative measures.

Because of the fluid nature of this situation, we continue to monitor the latest and best practices from public health authorities, and reserve the right to adjust our company policies accordingly.

Please review the list below of actionable steps we are taking to stay safe, while still delivering on our promise to serve you.

What is Liberty doing to ensure the safety of our customers and employees? The following steps are being taken to ensure the safety and security of our employees and valued customers like you.

  • Because the nature of our business requires delivery of propane to homes and businesses, our drivers are assigned a specific vehicle and we require them to sanitize it prior to the start of each shift. This includes a full wipe-down of steering wheels, seats, dashboards, and door handles. Please note that we often drop off Proof of Delivery slips on customer door knobs. Our Drivers have been asked to carry hand sanitizer and clean off their hands prior to leaving a door hanger.
  • All Liberty employees are asked to wash their hands regularly, and in compliance with the best practices set forth by the CDC and WHO.
  • Employees who report or exhibit any flu-like symptoms, or symptoms associated with the coronavirus, are being asked not to come into work.
  • Customer service personnel at our offices have been practicing proper precaution by cleaning their workspaces, company laptops, and shared office space, such as waiting areas designed for walk-in customers.

During these challenging times for consumers we continue to deliver our product in a safe manner like we do every day. We have been proactive in taking meaningful steps in response to COVID-19, following public health authorities’ guidelines.

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