Keep Your Home Warm & Efficient with These Simple Tips

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Here on Long Island, we’ve really been slammed with some frigid weather this past week – and the snow hasn’t even reared its head yet! So what can you do to keep your home warm and more efficient during this stretch with more potentially to come?

Here are a few common sense solutions and preventative measures from your friends here at Liberty Gas Service.

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1. Upgrade the Boiler and Heating Sources

If any of your heating sources are over ten years old, they may be inefficient. Liberty Gas offers a full line of propane Tankless Water Heaters, Conventional Water Heaters, Space Heaters, Infrared Garage Heaters, Direct Vent Furnaces, Condensing Boilers, and Fireplace Log Inserts. Contact us today to see which of these options may add the most to an efficient and warm home.

2. Upgrade Insulation

Bolstering your insulation is a great habit to employ all year long for heating and cooling. You may not realize you could be losing heat from poorly insulated doors and windows. Seal any potential leaks and use those handy draft doorstoppers for an extra barrier of protection. Most heat escapes through the roof, so it may be time for a checkup to see if adding some extra insulation will save your well-earned money.

If you own a water heater and tank, check to see if it is properly insulated. This will keep the water warmer longer and reduce fuel consumption and heating costs.

3. AC Vents Need Covering

If you have wall air conditioning units in your home, make sure you cover and seal them to keep out the cool air in the winter. Purchase some covers at your local hardware store for both the interior and exterior of the unit. Sealing leaks or gaps from these units keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. This also reduces condensation.

4. Give the Furniture Some Space

Is the sofa blocking your baseboards? If so, it’s preventing the heat from circulating through the rest of the room. By moving the couch, or a bed in the bedroom, even a few extra inches away from the heat source, it will allow the air to circulate more freely. And don’t forget to vacuum those vents for dust regularly, so the air your family breathes in is clean.

5. Open the Shades

Heat from the sun is FREE – so take advantage of it! Let the sunlight in during the day by opening any curtains, blinds or drapes to maximize this complimentary heat source. As the sun sets, close them up for an extra added layer of cozy insulation. Who wouldn’t want some relief from the heating bill?

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